Happy Christmas to 1,005 amazing people

A few days ago we looked at the front page of the Eye’s blog, and saw, courtesy of WordPress who hosts the blog:

1005 amazing people

Now, we don’t entirely trust WordPress’s statistics.  But it’s nice to know there are so many people who have ‘signed up’, one way or another, to the Eye’s blog.  And there are others who just ‘pop in’ when they want.  On its busiest days, over a 1,000 different people have visited the blog, and, in the eighteen months it’s been running, it’s been viewed more than 150,000 times.  Possibly most cheering of all, getting on for 4,000 comments are now on the blog – as BT’s old slogan went, ‘It’s good to talk’.  For a blog that’s rather obsessed with bent bollards, and which has never promoted its own existence (asking people to ‘like’ a blog or a Facebook page seems rather desperate?) that seems an amazing level of interest.

When the audience of a WordPress blog is sufficiently large, WordPress starts to attach advertisements to the blog.  Which is fair enough – WordPress has to make money somehow!  The Eye has reached this point, but we’ve not been impressed by the quality of the advertisements that we’ve seen.  You may have felt similarly.  Anyway, we’ve slipped WordPress a few pennies to stop the ads;  with luck they won’t appear again.  (The Eye also appears on Facebook, and you may encounter advertisements there.  They’re nothing to do with WordPress…)

Enough of us – do have a happy Christmas and a happy New Year, all 1,005 of you!  We’ll be back on-line in a few days’ time.



10 thoughts on “Happy Christmas to 1,005 amazing people

    • It’s a pleasure, Terry. In spite of some people’s complaints, Camberley’s a nice town (I see lots of other towns too) but there’s no reason to stop trying to make it even better..

  1. Congratulations! I love your blog/photos/comments etc. Camberley man for over 40 years and you keep me informed and amused. Thanks!!

    Happy Christmas to you and yours,

    Ian McLaughlin

  2. Well done Camberley Eye. You do everything in such a professional way and although I love living in Camberley .. many improvements need to be made . Keep up the good work!

    Merry Christmas and I wish you a very healthy and Happy New Year

    Shirley Adams

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