‘Just4Kids’ – the news scoop that wasn’t!

We wandered past the front of the former ‘London Golf Store’ on the A30 yesterday.  And there were signs of activity within.  So we took a couple of photos, one of which was a long-range photo through the shop window (the shop goes a long way back).

P1110387 P1110384

With our usual nosiness/enquiring mind, we then went to the back door and asked who was moving in.  “Just4Kids” we were told – moving from their premises at the top of Camberley’s High Street.  So, a news scoop for the Camberley Eye.

Only, we then discovered that there was a notice on the door of those High Street premises – IMG_8942So half of Camberley probably knew before we did!  Some scoop, that…  But it’s good to know that Just4Kids has found a new home.  (Presumably the approved redevelopment of their old one is going ahead.)


2 thoughts on “‘Just4Kids’ – the news scoop that wasn’t!

  1. Everyone talked about this 2 months ago on Twitter! You can see a lot of comments in The Mall`s Facebook page thanking them to save Just for Kids.

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