Another empty office block?

Almost opposite the library in Knoll Road there’s an office block that has had this ‘banner’ mounted on it for what we think is a few weeks now.  The building seems to have been vacated already, but it used to be occupied by Siemens.  We don’t know why they left –  perhaps someone can tell us?

P1040280P1040283 Is it yet another office block that’s surplus to requirements?


10 thoughts on “Another empty office block?

  1. Would be interesting to do count of empty v occupied offices in Camberley.
    Lunch time trade continues to diminish for retailers in the town, one sandwich shop in high street recently departed…
    Do SHBC have any initiative(s) to reverse trend I wonder??

    • Well, not that you don’t know already… The current Area Action Plan aims to make the High Street a pedestrian-friendly area. Thus reinforcing the aspiration in the 2000 Local Plan……….. Not sure about the target date, though.

      • Any initiatives in my life time? So many years, so many plans. so little action.

  2. Perhaps SHBC could tell all their staff in Knoll Road to buy their lunch in town.
    Can’t wait to see all the councillors in town at lunch time…or at any time come to that.

    • I wrote a cynical reply, but deleted it. Instead, I’ll suggest that if staff and councillors spent a bit more time in the town, they might give greater priority to putting things right and improving the place.

      • Perhaps a monthly “Meet The Councillors” in Main Square followed by a walk around the town. Now that would be an action plan we could all take part in.

      • I’d be up for it. I did once walk around the town with a member of the council’s staff to spot ‘low hanging fruit’ opportunities for improvement. He took quite a few photos – I may still have them somewhere – but he then left the council!

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